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Vote for the Tarkine - TV Ad
Author: Bob Brown Foundation This TV ad was made by the Bob Brown Foundation. It will be broadcast during the last 10 days of the election campaign during the World News on SBS One every evening. | Time: 0.33 min

Vote for the Tarkine - TV Ad

This television ad was produced by the Bob Brown Foundation for the 2013 federal election campaign to remind voters that if they want to see the Tarkine protected, they would have to vote accordingly.


Green light for light rail

4 June 2013

Light rail campaigners Anna Reynolds and Dr Bob Brown welcome the release of the business case for a light rail project that Sustainable Transport Minister Nick McKim can take to Infrastructure Australia for funding.


Save rivers conference

Bob Brown Joins Battle To Save Sarawak

27 May 2013

At least one media outlet in Australia took the trouble to report this story.  This New Matilda piece is about Bob and Jenny Weber’s trip to Sarawak to support the local people’s campaign against the massive dams that will force them from their homes.

Jenny and Bob with locals opposing the Baram dam.

Huge dam threatens homelands of indigenous people

23 May 2013

Bob and Jenny Weber attended the Save Rivers conference in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak.  They met with local indigenous groups trying to stop the massive Baram dam, built with the help of Hydro Tasmania, that will destroy their homelands and displace thousands of people.

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