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Welcome to our feisty Foundation

Welcome to our bright new foundation which aims to help front-line environmentalists wherever they face the imminent destruction of Australia’s wild and scenic heritage.

We are fundraisers for action.

We raise money to give vital help to those who peacefully confront the onslaught of environmental destruction. That help takes the form of equipment, like the tarpaulin that kept Miranda Gibson dry, skilled personnel helping to organise Sea Shepherd’s whale-watching expedition off James Price Point, rapid legal advice and other urgent assistance.

Besides joining in campaigns, or helping get news of them to the wider public, I take responsibility for leading the Foundation’s fundraising. That means providing the seed money to set up the Foundation, donating speaking fees from business and public conferences, and lodging appeals to the wider public.

The Foundation has a board of six skilled people covering such areas as economics, community liaison, politics, media and law. We are based in Cygnet, near where Paul and I live. Cygnet is also close to the home of Steven Chaffer, who was my first Senate staffer in 1996. Steven is the Foundation’s Executive Officer and first port of call for your emails, phone calls and other inquiries.

We are as yet small and will not be able to do all that we would like to.  But exploiters beware:  this new green force for action is setting out to save the natural heritage of Australia and our region.

Bob Brown

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