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Millstone Abetz

4 December 2013

The Government Leader in the Senate,  Eric Abetz, is a millstone around Tasmania’s neck, former Greens Leader Dr Bob Brown will tell the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management conference in Hobart this morning.


Letter to the Editor of the Mercury

1 September 2013

Dear Editor,

Andrew Wilkie, like my maths mistress in first year, is ‘disappointed’ with me (Letters. 31.8.13). I will get over it.

Denison voters can rely on the Greens’ Anna Reynolds to work for World heritage status for the Tarkine.  The Labor and Liberal candidates back mining. Will Wilkie join Reynolds in opposing the piecemeal destruction of this magnificent Tasmanian rainforest? His silence is deafening.

Bob Brown

What do Abbott and the Taliban have in common?

Originally published in the Age, Thursday 5th September 2013

In 2001 the world reacted with horror as it saw graphic film of the Taliban dynamiting the Buddhas of Bamiyan, two giant 6th-century statues of Buddha in central Afghanistan. Later the area’s remaining archaeological treasures were included on the World Heritage List. In blowing up the statues, the Taliban provided a vivid illustration of its callousness and willingness to justify acts of irreversible cultural vandalism. Australians like to believe this sort of behaviour is confined to less civilised corners of the globe where democracy and due process are unknown. Yet Tony Abbott has now pledged to remove the world’s tallest flowering forests from the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area in Australia.


Letter to the Editor of the Canberra Times

27 August 2013

Dear Editor,

The Australian Greens is the only national party to have selected Canberra for its election campaign launch. Saturday’s launch was covered by media across the Australia but not the Canberra Times.


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