Government’s draft salmon plan condemns Tasmanian waterways to more destruction.

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Today’s release of the Draft Tasmanian Salmon Industry Plan falls woefully short of providing any meaningful change to the toxic salmon industry.

“This draft is 18 pages of ‘nothing is going to fundamentally change’ assurance to the salmon industry,” said Alistair Allan, Bob Brown Foundation Fish Farm campaigner.

“The whole plan can be read as this: The goal of a ‘sustainable industry’ is for it to be economically sustainable. Don’t worry about the environment.”

“When the top recommendation for the small and woeful environmental section is to have an ‘environmental standard’, something which the government and industry have time and time again said they have already, then this plan isn’t worth the paper it is written on.”

“The draft plan feels like it purposefully ignores the cacophony of concerns from the community about the damage these industrial fish farms are doing to our unique marine environment and instead is all about ensuring expansion and growth of the industry.”

“Where is the plan to protect the critically endangered Red Handfish? Where is the plan to get fish farms out of Macquarie Harbour and protect the Maugean Skate? Both these incredible animals were listed as priority species by the Federal Government but obviously, they mean nothing to the Tasmanian government.”

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