5000 rally to end native forest logging

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5000 people across Australia have rallied today calling for the ALP to end to native forest logging, in eight locations from Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, the ACT and Western Australia. In Sydney, community members marched to Prime Minister Albanese’s office in Marrickville.

“We are scaling up our campaign to call on Prime Minister Albanese for end to native forest logging and secure protection for Australia’s forests. The last three days of nationwide actions are a launching pad for our Federal Election campaign. If logging does not end, we plan to continue these nationwide mass mobilisations for native forests,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“We are on the move to end native forest logging now. Prime Minister Albanese, this will advantage you. Prime Minister Albanese, if your soul isn’t touched by Koalas, Black Cockatoos, Greater Gliders, the majesty of great trees, fungi and ferns, which spoke to all of humanity of the last millions of years that got us here, ending native forest logging will allow you to keep your legislated commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The second bonus of ending native forest logging is for your Environment Minister who says there will be no extinctions on her watch, when you save native forests you will make a giant step to ending this nation’s atrocious reputation of species extinction,” said Bob Brown today in Hobart.

“87% of Labor voters in NSW and Tasmania want native forest logging stopped now. If you, Prime Minister Albanese can’t listen to the Australian people, listen to your voting constituents,” Bob Brown said.

“In Hobart we had Dr Colette Harmsen call in from Mary Hutchinson’s women’s prison to address the 1500 strong crowd. Melbourne’s guest performers were Goanna, Adalita from Magic Dirt and DRMGNOW. Sydney rally and march was MCed by Dan Ilic and climate activist Violet Coco led the Lismore rally.

Forest Defender Lenny Griffith, who had recently spent two days treesitting atop a cable logger destroying Swift parrot breeding habitat, spoke in Hobart reminding us all, “Prime Minister Albanese, Environment Minister Plibersek and Premier Rockliff, it’s your turn, take action and seize this opportunity and leave a legacy of compassion.”

“We now turn our attention to our march for native forests outside the ALP Conference next Saturday in Brisbane. We are bringing the roar of the crowd, calling for an immediate end to native forest logging to the Prime Minister,” Jenny Weber said

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