A fundamental lie will end Tasmanian native forest logging: Brown

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The fundamental lie, so publicly obvious, that flattening and incinerating native forests is ‘environmentally sustainable’, was repeated today by Tasmanian minister Felix Ellis. “Any school child looking at a picture of a napalm-fuelled post-logging burn will tell you that is total destruction and an environmental disaster. Claiming otherwise will also not pass the ACCC’s test for greenwash,” Bob Brown said.

“The end of native forest destruction in Tasmania will follow that on the mainland or the Rockliff government, including Ellis, are asking for the eyes of 26 million Australians to focus in on the environmental ruin of our forests and wildlife for however agonisingly long it takes. The lie of environmental sustainability will simply raise their opposition.”

Most jobs and commerce from logging in Tasmania these days is in plantation forestry and that trend will grow rapidly, Brown said.

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