Our Team

Earth needs non-violent resistance, disruption and direct action is now more than ever before. Our feisty foundation is dedicated to defiant action for Earth.
Our Team
Our Board
Steven Chaffer


Jenny Weber

Campaign Manager

Scott Jordan

takayna / Tarkine Campaigner

Erik Hayward


Alistair Allan

Antarctica and Fish Farms Campaigner

Adam Burling

Media Manager

Molly Coburn

National Community Campaigner

Doro Babeck

NSW Campaign Organiser

Amanda Sully

Philanthropy Director

Jasmine Wills

Executive Assistant

Jessica Ewing

Office Manager

Nathan Savage

Events Manager

Sarah Zika

Creative Director

Courtney Hayes

Campaign Assistant

Jenna Harris

Campaign Assist

Charley Gros

Campaign Scientist

Kasey McNamara

Campaign Scientist

Lisa Searle

Campaign Organiser

Colette Harmsen


Geoff Law

AdaniWatch Investigator

Jonny Falcke

Graphic Designer

Sophia Jackson

Campaign Assist


Media, Film & Social Media

Anna Brozek

Media, Film & Social Media

Rob Blakers

Film and Photographs

Matthew Newton

Film and Photographs

Rowland Browne

President – Solicitor, Hobart

Christine Milne

Secretary – Environmentalist, Hobart

Willoh Weiland

Artist/Writer, Hobart

Steve Crump

Pianist/Composer, Hobart

Anthony Houston

Farmer and Businessman

Michael Dempsey

Photographer and Bushwalker

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