Arthur River takayna defence enters seventh day – activists arrive at coupe via boat

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Forest defenders have travelled upriver by boat to the controversial Arthur River logging coupe in Takayna to reclaim the forests and call for logging machines to be evicted.

“While travelling to the river’s edge of the nearby logging, two White-bellied Sea Eagles perched on a tree branch remind us that we are in wildlife habitat. We are also in precious Azure Kingfisher habitat, a rare and endangered species that has does not have protections from logging,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigns Manager.

“Just before dawn, while taking a stand in these logged forests we heard Tasmanian masked owls calling multiple times, they are living in this forest, and Forestry Tasmania is knowingly removing their core habitat. This devastated river’s edge forest we are seeing today is an outrage. This is the only natural patch on this side of the river that has not been turned into plantation, making it a critical refuge for countless species,” Jenny Weber said.

Protests have escalated this morning with two action teams. Twenty-one year old arborist, Dominic Grose has attached himself to a logging machine, calling for the removal of the machines from the forests. Wilderness Guide and Outdoor Educator Clancey Leary has attached themselves to the logging gate to prevent the destruction of the public forests.

“I’m locking on to a machine that has been smashing critical forest in takayna. I’m here because I’m angry, and I’m grieving for all of the forests that have been lost. I’m deeply disturbed by the disregard shown by our decision makers toward all of life on earth. They don’t care for the lives of people or forests. We rely on them to make the right decisions, meanwhile, they are responsible for decimating these forests and are constantly prioritising profit over people, over life,” Dominic Grose said.

“It hurts all the more to know that a better world is not only possible but easy. If only we were to make decisions based on the common good. So I’m here to call on my fellow humans and say that we and nature are one organism, one existence. If the powers that be won’t take care of nature, we have to take care of ourselves. We must rise up and protect ourselves from the greedy machine that is ruling our lives, and direct action is one way of doing that,” Dominic Grose said.

“I see first hand the social, cultural, educational, and economic value that Tasmania’s stunning natural beauty holds. Propping up unsustainable and destructive industry with taxpayer dollars is nothing short of failed governance. Amidst a climate and biodiversity crisis, saving our forests has never been more important. Please, add your support in whichever way you can”, Clancy Leary said.

“While Premier Rockliff chooses wildlife extinction for Azure Kingfishers, Eagles, Masked Owls and Giant freshwater crayfish, citizens are showing up here in north west Takayna to peacefully defend these forests,” Jenny Weber said.

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