BBF attempts to save Swift Parrot forest near Swansea.

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Native forest defenders have begun a peaceful occupation of Swift Parrot habitat in Tasmania’s northeast near Swansea where logging is smashing down nesting trees.

Critically endangered Swift Parrots are present and Bob Brown Foundation is concerned the logging is illegal.

“The Swift Parrots are being pushed out of their usual breeding and feeding forests as more and intensified logging inside continues. Our requests to save this Swift Parrot habitat have been ignored by the Premier, Forest Practices Authority, and Forestry Tasmania over the past weeks,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner Erik Hayward said.

“Our scientific sound recording equipment placed on a tree inside an ‘informal reserve’ has been removed. Shockingly this cluster of potential habitat trees has been logged. The trees were outside of the logging company blue boundary tags,” Hayward said.

“The forests of the Eastern Tiers are some of the last remaining habitats for the Swift Parrot. Tasmania is the only place on Earth that these parrots breed and the logging of their breeding habitat must cease immediately.

Over 90% of the forest in this area is headed straight to the woodchipper for pulp,” Erik Hayward said.

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