BBF to continue defending Tasmania’s forests and wildlife.

“People everywhere have a right to peaceful protest” – Tanya Plibersek.

Bob Brown Foundation will continue to peacefully defend Tasmania’s native forests, waterways and wildlife.

Bob Brown says that the moral imperative for human society to stop destroying ancient forests gets stronger, not weaker, as the climate and extinction crises worsen. “The real villains here are those who want to jail fellow citizens for defending public forests and wildlife. Corporate capture of the government has overridden civil rights. That Beijing-based MMG briefed Legislative Councillors in secret on the draconian bill, and then sat in on the Tasmanian environmentalists’ briefings, says it all.

“Our advice is we cannot be sure of a win if we test the laws in the courts and that might cost half a million dollars or more. So, we will put our supporters’ money into peaceful defence of nature. Premier Rockliff has not lifted a finger for Tasmania’s wild and scenic heritage. If he thinks he can coerce people opposing the destruction of that heritage he misjudges our conscience.”

Federal Minister for the Environment Tanya Plibersek’s decision on MMG’s planned waste dump in the takayna rainforest may be announced any day. So far 86 peaceful protesters have been arrested defending the forest and its rare Masked owls. Commenting on Iran, seemingly also in support of BBF’s decision, minister Plibersek said yesterday “people everywhere have a right to peaceful protest”.

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