BBF’s court action halts logging of Swift Parrot forest.

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Forestry Tasmania agreed this morning to halt all logging activity in the contentious Kermandie Divide forest west of Geeveston in southern Tasmania.

Bob Brown Foundation’s application for an injunction to halt the logging was before the Supreme Court today but Forestry Tasmania agreed that logging will stop today and not resume before the injunction hearing listed for 29 January.

“This is a belated victory for those Swift Parrots which are feeding and breeding in the Kermandie Divide forest, especially as little more than half the logging has happened. The logging should never have been authorised and should have stopped when the critically-endangered Swift Parrots were recorded in the coupe (area of forest to be logged). We say this logging was, and is, unlawful,” Bob Brown said outside the court.

“There is huge public backing for an end to such logging. But the problem is that once the parrots fly back to the mainland in autumn, the loggers can then destroy their nesting trees under Tasmania’s woefully inadequate wildlife protection laws. The fate of the swifties here, like the Koalas in NSW, is nationally important and requires the Albanese government to stop the logging of native forests nationally. The Prime Minister’s support for the native forest loggers is a national disgrace,” Brown said.

“With Christmas at hand, the swifties in their brilliant red and green, are aerial impersonators of Santa on steroids. It’s good that we’ve won this small reprieve for them to fly through this Christmas’s skies but the biting question is for how many more Christmases will they exist?’

“The laws in place to protect critically endangered species like the Swift Parrot are failing to halt these looming extinctions. The logging operations inside KD022C were illegal. Forestry Tasmania has been acting illegally in its continued logging of this forest. It has taken public and political pressure, direct action by many members of the community, arrests, citizen-science data and now threat of legal action to put in place measures that halt the decimation of this habitat-filled landscape,” Bob Brown Foundation campaigner Erik Hayward said.

“The logging of native forests continues across lutruwita / Tasmania. This logging must cease.“

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