Big parties sign on to Marinus Link, selling out Tasmania and driving us deeper into energy morass

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“Labor’s Dean Winter has rolled over and, after much huffing and puffing, has signed on to Liberal Premier Rockliff’s ultimatum to sign a contract to order the Marinus Link cable before any cost-benefit analysis is done and before a final investment decision is made. After saying no one should be making big financial decisions in caretaker, both Liberal and Labor are doing just that. What exactly are the terms of the contract they are signing? What is the financial penalty for breaking the contract? Tasmanians deserve to know and if they are so confident about this contract, they should have no problem telling the community what they have signed us on to,” said Christine Milne, Bob Brown Foundation spokesperson.

“The Tasmanian Parliament is not happy or confident about any benefit to Tasmania from Marinus Link which is why an inquiry chaired by Ruth Forrest MLC was established. But in a finger up to that committee and the people of Tasmania, both old parties have caved into the big corporations which want us all to subsidise the transmission infrastructure they need to send their energy to the mainland and their profits offshore.”

No one will forget this sellout of Tasmania by Dean Winter and Jeremy Rockliff, just as we have never forgotten the sellout by Labor’s Jim Bacon and Paul Lennon when they took us into the National Electricity Market for the extravaganza that was Basslink. They said Basslink would create jobs, enable investment and send mega profits into the Hydro coffers. Basslink went broke and cost us billions along the way and so too will Marinus Link. Neither Liberal nor Labor can be trusted to oversee Tasmania’s energy future,” said Christine Milne.

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