Biggest community defence of forests and wildlife in Tasmania in more than a decade.

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Five people have been arrested this morning after defending Takayna’s forests from further destruction. Their protest has saved a patch of forest at the remote junction of the Arthur and Frankland rivers from being flattened and the logging machines must now leave before Sunday due to Wedge-tailed eagle breeding restrictions which come into force on July 1.

Sinead Murphy, Evangeline Stogiannou, John Martin, Sally Francis and Ellen Loois, who were arrested, joined 24 other people in this morning’s defence of the rivers’ edge forests.

“150 people have showed up in the last six weeks to peacefully resist this savage logging of endangered species’ habitat. It’s the largest forest campaign of its kind in more than a decade. While the logging continued, including at night, the endangered Masked Owls shrieked, there is some forest left standing due to our frontline campaign,” said Jenny Weber, Campaigns Manager at the Bob Brown Foundation.

“Every cut down in this forest endangers the lives of the resident Masked owls. Shamefully the Forest Practices Authority has admitted it sent in an ecologist but not until after our Foundation’s compelling evidence of the Masked Owls. Weeks after the clearing had started, it recommended that potential nesting trees be saved for the endangered species.”

Bob Brown said: “it shows a corrupt industry oversight where an ancient forest ecosystem has been deliberately and wrongly eradicated by Forestry Tasmania’s wretched standards. By being forced to assess the remnants before the logging is finished, it is bleedingly obvious they ignored their own environmental standards while arresting people who wanted the wrongly-destroyed forest saved.”

“The prescriptions to protect threatened species under the Forest Practices Code have failed. Masked Owl habitat has been destroyed as we have urged authorities to act. The eagle breeding season prohibition period is a farce if they are allowed to clearfell the same territory outside the prohibition period. We are in an extinction crisis but Forestry Tasmania, the Rockliff and Albanese Governments are wilfully turning the knife on our threatened species,” said Scott Jordan, takayna Campaigner with the Bob Brown Foundation.

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