Bob Brown Foundation (BBF) has renewed calls for Forestry Tasmania to be abolished and responsibility for native forests transferred to a new ministry charged with protecting them.

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Our Save Swifties blockade is being packed down today as the logging agencies confirmed that logging will not go ahead this year due to new information from our science team that Swift Parrots were nesting in the threatened forests.

“Yesterday, the Forest Practices Authority admitted that the current plan to log critically endangered Swift Parrot habitat must be reviewed. This decision follows the recording of three Swift Parrot nests in the proposed logging area made by our foundation’s citizen science surveys,” Jenny Weber, BBF Campaigns Manager said.

“Shamefully, the Forest Practices Authority says that the loggers still want to destroy this Swift Parrot habitat forest. This logging should be cancelled, not just postponed,” Jenny Weber said.

“Swift Parrots will return to this forest to breed in the coming years so this forest needs to be under secure permanent protection. We will be back to protect this forest.”

“The Forest Practices Authority has wrongly insinuated that our peaceful blockade may have caused disturbance to nearby Wedge-Tailed Eagle nests. We categorically reject this claim and have reminded them that we were there to defend this forest from the logging of Swift Parrot and Wedge-Tailed Eagle habitat that they had wrongly approved.”

“Forestry Tasmania’s (FT) invasion of this wild forest makes it responsible for all that follows, including effective public protest. This is Goliath with his sword complaining about David with his slingshot. We will continue our effective opposition to FT’s unpopular destruction of natural Tasmania,” Bob Brown said.

“Our Foundation will keep taking action in native forests all over this precious island. We will not back down in defence of wild places. We are thrilled to be celebrating this temporary reprieve for the Hopetoun forest today,” Dr Lisa Searle concluded.

Also today, Ali Alishah was arrested for protesting against ongoing logging in the Styx Valley, with its ancient Eucalyptus regnans, the tallest flowering plant on Earth. His protest came after Bob Brown Foundation activists held a roadside vigil highlighting Forestry Tasmania’s failings. A Forestry Tasmania employee damaged protesters’ property by driving over their chairs. A police report about damage to property was filed this morning.

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