Bob Brown Foundation challenges Borneo timber company Ta Ann over taking logs from Takayna

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Bob Brown Foundation stands by the fact that notorious timber company Ta Ann is taking timber from controversial logging in Tasmania’s Takayna. Bob Brown is willing to debate the matter with Ta Ann General Manager Robert Yong.

In response to Ta Ann’s wrongful accusations to the Foundation today, Bob Brown responded “It doesn’t run the slaughterhouse and only takes the finest cuts from it.”

“Ta Ann has released a controversial statement saying they receive logs from forests previously agreed by the conservation movement as “production forests”.  Our Foundation did not agree to Ta Ann being here in Tasmania or receiving timber from the wildlife-rich native forests.  Many conservationists did not endorse the “Tasmanian Forest Agreement” because it would entrench native forest logging to supply Ta Ann and the fact that precious native forests would continue to be logged when they all needed secure protection for their climate and wildlife benefits,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigns Manager said.

“After witnessing endangered Masked Owls, Wedge-tailed Eagles and White-bellied Sea Eagles in the coupe we have been defending, I stood in the Takayna logging area yesterday and was shown the log pile going to Ta Ann. Here we are a decade from the so-called forest agreement and native forests that are critical for climate mitigating benefits and biodiversity are being flattened to supply Ta Ann.  Right now, the fact is that Ta Ann is a customer of conflict-source logs out of Takayna,”  Jenny Weber said.

Ta Ann is a palm oil and timber company from Sarawak, Malaysia.  They have destroyed large swathes of Borneo’s rainforests. They are responsible for extensive and proven links with criminal abuses of power and environmental destruction that has violated the human rights of indigenous people in Sarawak, Malaysia. For twenty years they have been receiving timber from the large scale destruction of vast areas of Tasmania’s native forests, including endangered species habitat.

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