Bob Brown Foundation reclaims lapsed takayna mine leases for nature.

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Bob Brown Foundation has walked on to lapsed mine leases formerly held by Venture Minerals at Mount Livingstone and Riley Creek in takayna / Tarkine, to reclaim these areas for nature and the species that rely on these areas.

The Livingstone lease lapsed in June 2022, and the Riley Creek lease expired in December 2022. Venture Minerals has continued to claim possession of these leases in announcements to shareholders and is being investigated after Bob Brown Foundation lodged a complaint with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission regarding misleading and deceptive conduct in Venture’s claims to shareholders regarding these leases.

“Venture Minerals has no lease for these areas, they are two months from bankruptcy, and their current capital raising is in crisis having failed to receive enough subscriptions. For years, this company has been propped up by repeated share floats and a river of federal government subsidies and state government grants. This farce has to end. Venture Minerals has no place in takayna / Tarkine,” said Bob Brown Foundation takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“takayna / Tarkine is an area of National and World Heritage value. It is home to over 60 threatened and endangered species like the Tasmanian Devil, Masked Owl and the mighty Wedge-tailed Eagle and is Aboriginal land.”

“This is not the playground for vandals and shysters like Venture Minerals. It must be protected as a National Park, a World Heritage Area and returned to Aboriginal ownership.”

“Symbolically we are reclaiming these sites. Government should act to make it real.”

A short standoff occurred as Venture personnel attempted to deny access to protestors. Police attended the site and Venture personnel exited the site, with police leaving protestors to continue their lawful and peaceful activity.

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