Bob Brown ostracises China on dam protests in Tibet.

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Former Greens leader and senator Bob Brown has ostracised Beijing over its repression of dam protesters, including Buddhist monks, in Tibet.

In a straight-talking letter to the Ambassador for China, Brown said that the dam building and consequent repression of Tibetan protesters were a blight on reasonable human behaviour.

“Your government, not the protesters, is the criminal here: this dam and its destruction of nature and six Buddhist monasteries on the altar of making more yuan, is another disgraceful episode in humanity’s wrecking of Earth’s natural and human heritage. This is no less disgraceful than those western countries and corporations destroying natural and indigenous heritage for monetary gain.”

More than 1,000 Tibetans, including monks, have been arrested after protesting against the dam project that would destroy six monasteries and forcibly displace the residents of two villages.

Over ten days, multiple non-violent protests have taken place to object to the building of the Chinese hydropower dam on the Drichu (Yangtze) River in Kham, Eastern Tibet. The Drichu River runs through more than ten Tibetan provinces and, as the Yangtze, flows to the ocean near Shanghai.

“Around the world, people will be aghast at this destruction of globally-significant human and natural heritage in Tibet, with such repression of reasonable protest,” Brown said.

In 1982, Brown, along with hundreds more, was imprisoned for protesting the building of a proposed dam on Tasmania’s Franklin River. The river was saved and is now a global whitewater-rafting icon.

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