Bob Brown slams jailing of climate protester

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Bob Brown has slammed the jailing of Laura Davy, 21, by Magistrate M. Barko at Newcastle Local Court today. Ms Davy, who usually resides in Tasmania, has been sentenced to three months prison for slowing the trains taking coal to Newcastle for export.

“The real criminals here are the coal exporters and the politicians who pave their way with taxpayer subsidies and corporate-induced laws to lock up environmentalists trying to stop their destruction of  Earth’s future,” Brown said.

“Every load of coal is stealing life, health and wellbeing from our children. Every load of coal is adding to the trillions of dollars already known to be the price of future climate impact remediation.”

“Like Rosa Park, Laura will be remembered for determined bravery against the brainless stupidity of the age – in this case, of fossil fuel engendered global heating.”

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