Bob Brown to challenge ‘outrageous’ bail condition

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Former Greens leader Bob Brown, who was arrested yesterday for defending ancient wild forest in Tasmania’s Styx Valley, will challenge his bail condition which prohibits him from entering the 800,000 hectares (12%) of Tasmania which is state forest called ‘permanent timber production zones’.

Brown’s bail condition, which he challenged at Bridgewater Police Station where he was charged, reads, ‘you are not to be found on any permanent timber production zone land owned or operated by Sustainable Timber Tasmania during the period of bail.’ Forestry Tasmania trades as ‘Sustainable Timber Tasmania’.

“For temporarily halting the destruction of 40 hectares of ancient forest adjoining the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, I am now effectively banned from entering most of the magnificent World Heritage Area and much of the Tarkine / takayna until the hearing of my case on 29 April. To go into any of the state forest areas would risk 6 months in jail. It is an outrageous, sweeping area prohibition way beyond that handed out in criminal cases involving violence or stalking. This is the justice system falling captive to the logging corporations and their subservient state forest management authority. I will challenge it for the sake of all forest defenders in Tasmania,” Brown said.

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