Browns call to Albanese as loggers cut trees from under Swift Parrots

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Bob Brown Foundation President, Bob Brown, camped out last night in a squalid logging coupe in Tasmania’s north east highlands, with defenders of vital Swift Parrot habitat.

“This is a national disgrace, I call on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to halt this logging which is illegal under Australia’s international obligations,” Bob Brown said.

“To camp here with Swift Parrots overhead and in the remains of the forest around us is to experience the feeling that Australia is committing a crime against nature. These critically endangered birds are here, and nowhere else on Earth, and nesting. No nests, no birds. And the government is licensing the destruction of the big trees, the very ones needed for nesting. The same applies to the Masked Owl which called directly above my campsite last night under the full moon,” Bob Brown said.

Bob Brown who was amongst those arrested for halting logging in the same area two years ago (the charges were dropped), has written to Premier Rockliff calling for an immediate cessation of logging and an independent review of the impact on the rare parrots.

“Premier Rockliff can halt this debacle immediately. In this era of mass extinction, it is unconscionable that this critically endangered bird’s feeding and breeding habitat in Tasmania is being destroyed for woodchips to China,” Bob Brown said.

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