Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

We have time to protect Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, but we need to act now.

The issue

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean is one of Earth’s most spectacular and wild places.

A vast landscape of eternal ice, where thousands of glaciers stretch out to meet the deep blue waters of the great Southern Ocean.

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It’s home to an amazing array of wildlife such as penguins, seals, whales, albatross and krill.

It acts as a thermostat for the entire planet and plays a critical role in regulating our climate system.

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The tiny krill that swim through its wild waters underpin the entire marine food web of the Southern Ocean.

This glacial continent stands for community, collaboration, science and the importance of caring for our wild places.

However, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean is facing immediate industrialisation, fisheries, tourism and climate impact threats.

Antarctica is meant to be a natural reserve dedicated to peace and science, where the rights of nature prevail.

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Our Focus

Our work to protect Antarctica and the southern ocean is focused on the following issues.


Learn more about the campaign including reports we have released and interviews about the proposed Marinus project.

Info sheet
Antarctica and the climate breakdown
Fact sheet about the ecosystem of Antarctic and Southern Ocean being completely unprotected from the climate crisis
Why Antarctica
Dr Bob Brown and Antarctic campaigner Alistair Allan discuss why Antarctica is the the Bob Brown Foundations newest campaign, the threats it faces and why it should be protected.
End Krill Fishing
A report prepared by the Bob Brown Foundation calling for the protection of Antarctica’s Keystone Species

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