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Bob Brown and Christine Milne are two of Australia’s leading environmentalists, tackling some of Australia’s most difficult environmental issues.
Tasmania has a remarkable future ahead of it as a World Heritage Wilderness Island.

An island with intact wild places, native forests and rainforests, clean air, clean water and abundant wildlife. A future with a strong economy benefiting from restoration, securely protected landscapes and a net-zero carbon economy. 


The pathway to this vision includes: 

  1.  An end to logging Tasmania’s magnificent native forests. 
  2. Returning takayna to Aboriginal ownership as a World Heritage-listed National Park. 
  3. Protecting all Swift Parrot habitat on public land in secure conservation reserves.  
  4. Action to protect the oceans, coasts, rivers and Aboriginal living landscapes. 
  5. Restoring the National Parks and Wildlife Service as a separate, independent department with sufficient funding to ensure the protection and management of our National Parks and World Heritage Areas. 
  6. Protecting the integrity of natural landscapes from industrialisation by large scale, unnecessary and debt accumulating energy infrastructure. 
Deer were introduced to Tasmania and have a devastating impact on our wild places.

Deer were introduced to Tasmania and have a devastating impact on our wild places. With reports of feral deer moving further and further into the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area, Christine and Bob have launched a report and plan for the Tasmanian government and how they should address this urgent environmental issue. 


Read the report here

Renewable energy projects should not cost the Earth or its wildlife

Renewable energy projects should not cost the Earth or its wildlife. On Robbins Island, in the wild northwest of Tasmania, a proposed windfarm will be a disaster for the amazing array of birds that call this island home. Windfarms should not be installed in areas with such a high density of endemic and migratory birds. 


“The proposed Robbins Island project is a bird killer. I am in favour of wind farms, but everything has its limits. One-third of Australia’s birds will be extinct this century and migratory birds foremost.” - Bob Brown. 


Marinus Link is a proposal to send energy from Tasmania to Victoria and the mainland via an undersea cable. Christine Milne has been an outspoken critic of Marinus Link for many years, pointing out that it benefits no one and comes at a high environmental cost. 


“We don’t need to spiral into huge debt and destroy our environment to send energy to the mainland when it is not needed to achieve climate or renewable energy goals.” - Christine Milne. 


Read the report here

In a direct attack on democracy, Tasmania has been trying to introduce draconian anti protest laws.

These laws are designed to remove the right to peaceful protest for all citizens.


When these laws were first passed in Tasmania, they were immediately challenged by Bob Brown and Jessica Hoyt, who were both arrested under the new laws. They took their case to the High Court and won, with the High Court finding the laws to be unconstitutional.


The Tasmanian anti-protest laws are part of the global purchase of democracy by corporations. Corporations lobby weak politicians to legislate against the time-honored rights of the people.’ Bob Brown  


Despite this, Tasmania is still attempting to impose these deeply unpopular and undemocratic laws. 


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