Immediate protection of Australia’s native forests is one of the most effective ways to tackle climate and biodiversity crises.

Native forests are not only vital habitat for wildlife. They are also carbon sinks crucial for absorbing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

If protected and restored, our native forests can be critical tools in addressing the climate crisis

In 2015 the International Union for Conservation of Nature listed the Swift parrot as critically endangered and recommended that all public lands that support Swift parrots be placed under secure, permanent conservation management. This has not happened.

Save Australia's wildlife means protecting native forests

Wildlife like the Koala, Swift Parrot and Tasmanian Devil are hurtling towards extinction, largely due to the destruction of their native forest habitat. Many Australian birds that depend on forests face extinction this century.

Logging, land-clearing and bushfires are decimating ecosystems and native species.

Since colonisation, we have lost more than one hundred known species of plants and animals and are at imminent risk of losing thousands more. The biodiversity crisis is as serious for life on Earth as the climate crisis.

Logging increases the risk of extreme bushfires.

We know first-hand in Australia that the increase in drought and extreme bushfires associated with climate change make it imperative to protect and restore native forests across the planet. Australia has more than enough plantations to meet its wood needs. 

Standing up for native forests

Around Australia, there are thousands of passionate individuals who want to see permanent protection for Australia’s native forests and wildlife.

That’s why we’ve launched Communities for Forests.

A people-powered movement that builds support for our Australian Native Forest Declaration and delivers this message to our political leaders. 

Native forests on public land, wherever they remain, need secure and permanent protection in Commonwealth law.

Australia needs nature-based solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis that include protection of native forests and restoration of logged and degraded native forest.

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