The issue

Climate and biodiversity are two sides of the same coin. Renewable energy projects should not cost the Earth or its wildlife.

Photo: Explainer 

Not only is Tasmanian renewable energy not needed for Australia to decarbonise, Marinus Link will enable the roll out of subsidised multi-national, overseas owned windfarms linked by transmission lines and towers from Circular Head in the far northwest to Eddystone Point in the northeast and on the Central Plateau. 

Photo: Endangered Wedge-tailed eagle and their cousins the White-bellied Sea Eagle are proven casualties of transmission lines and wind turbines.

Photo: Tasmanian Devils have been decimated by loss of habitat, roadkill and the deadly facial tumour disease. Healthy, disease free populations like the Robbins Island population are risked by development like the Marinus linked Robbins Island wind farm.

These developments will destroy native forests, farmlands, coastlines and the habitats of Tasmanian Devils, migratory shorebirds and other threatened species. They will compromise the outstanding universal values of the TWWHA.

Photo: Coastal nesting seabirds face huge risks of collisions with poorly sited wind turbines and disruption to habitat from related infrastructure.

Windfarms should not be installed in areas with such a high density of endemic and migratory birds.

“The proposed Robbins Island project is a bird killer. I am in favour of wind farms, but everything has its limits. One-third of Australia’s birds will be extinct this century and migratory birds foremost.” – Bob Brown.

Project impacts

Marinus Link will enable destructive projects that have serious adverse impacts on environments, communities and regions across Tasmania. 

See the proposed projects and what the communities have to say.


Learn more about the campaign including reports we have released and interviews about the proposed Marinus Link project.

Take action

Marinus Link will open the door to an avalanche of unnecessary, biodiversity destroying, industrial power projects across Tasmania. Join our campaign to Sink the Link!

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