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Help stop this toxic threat to Lutruwita / Tasmania's waterways

It’s time to remove all fish farms from Tasmania’s rivers, bays and oceans.

Lutruwita / Tasmania has some of the most beautiful waterways in Australia. From the wild coastline and cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula to the World Heritage-value Macquarie Harbour, these waterways are home to incredible animals, with some found only here like the Maugean Skate or the Red Handfish.

However, these waterways and animals are under threat from the toxic industrial salmon farm industry.

What started as a small industry has rapidly expanded into an out-of-control industry, owned by large multinational companies, that are destroying Tasmania’s unique rivers, bays and ocean.


Despite causing large scale environmental damage and pollution, the salmon industry is only getting bigger and bigger in Tasmania.


Maugean Skate

A species at the edge of extinction

If the Maugean Skate is to have any chance of survival, fish farms must be removed from Macquarie Harbour now.

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Seal Abuse

by the toxic salmon industry

Uncover the truth behind underwater 'seal bombs' in the salmon industry, impacting seals, whales, and dolphins.

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Salmon Sea Grab

Stop the toxic salmon expansion into the Bass Strait.

The government has issued contentious research permits off Stanley and King Island and are considering a third near Burnie.

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