Canadian seafood giant Cooke to trash Tasmania’s waters

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The Tassal takeover means the foreign takeover of Tasmania’s Atlantic Salmon fish farming is complete and the Tasmanian public can see that the profits from this industry are flowing out of Tasmania into careless foreign pockets, Bob Brown Foundation Fish Farm campaigner Alistair Allan said today.

“Tassal has already trashed our waterways. The toxic salmon industry has been exposed for what it is, an industry that trashes Tasmania without a second thought,” Alistair Allan said.

“Now, a foreign company will get the profit and Tasmanians get the loss, including polluted rivers and seas, degraded marine ecosystems and rubbished beaches. If the state government had any real pride in our island they would now legislate to make this industry get out of our beautiful waterways. That is the task for Premier Rockliff if he really has our best interests at heart,” Alistair Allan said.

“How polluted do our waterways need to become before our government takes action?! In the absence of government action to protect Tasmania’s marine environment, the public protests will only grow. The government should begin by wholly implementing the recommendations of the Legislative Council enquiry. But the industry PR machines, now controlled from overseas, have the government and state opposition dancing on a string,” Alistair Allan said.

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