CCAMLR should enact Southern Ocean fishing ban

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Today, Bob Brown Foundation volunteers demonstrated outside the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic and Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) building where international delegates are currently meeting.

Bob Brown Foundation is calling on CCAMLR to enact a ban on all fishing in the Southern Ocean, specifically krill and Antarctic toothfish.

“Krill are a keystone species in Antarctica. Whales, penguins, and the whole ecosystem rely on them. However right now, countries are meeting to decide their fate. There will be some inside this building arguing for their protection, however there will be plenty arguing for their exploitation. With huge industrial trawlers hoovering up krill in massive numbers, at the very least, a ban should be enacted on this fishery until more is understood about how climate change will affect this species,” said Alistair Allan, Bob Brown Foundation Antarctic and Marine campaigner.

“The Australian toothfish industry will also be in town, trying to ensure their plundering of the pristine Southern Ocean remains allowed. Toothfish is a luxury ‘product’ that shouldn’t be fished at all.”

“Australian toothfish vessels use longlines and a new report estimated that enough longline is lost globally to wrap around the Earth 18 times. I’m sure that both Australian companies would experience huge losses of longlines in the wild Southern Ocean. CCAMLR can enact such a ban and should do so. With such large threats like climate change barrelling toward krill, toothfish and the entire ecosystem of penguins, whales, birds, and seals, it’s the only choice to make if conservation is the goal.”

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