Chubb report fails the environment – Brown

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“The Chubb report into Australia’s $4.5 billion Emissions Reduction Fund will simply aid and abet a system for corporate greenwash and profiteering out of failed so-called environmental investment,” environmentalist Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

“There is no evidence in this report to disprove the claims by scientists, the Australian Academy of Science or the Australia Institute which made valid claims that the promised sequestration of carbon in these schemes is actually being delivered.”

“Prime Minister Albanese owes it to himself and to all Australians, in this age of climate-generated floods and fires, to reject this report as failing in its prime mission, which was to show how the claims by experts in the field, including Andrew MacIntosh, are wrong. As it is, those claims still stand and the ERF remains contentious and without validation.”

“The underlying problem is fast becoming Labor’s policy of meeting the modern environmental emergency by monetising it and hoping the market will fix it. It will not. There can be no substitute for real action which protects the environment, keeps fossil fuels in the ground and ends the exploitation of living natural resources like forests, marine ecosystems and the atmosphere which is being used as a dump for pollutants,” Bob Brown concluded.

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