Climbers 24 hour occupation on kunanyi’s organ pipes for native forest protection

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Members of Tasmania’s climb community along with the Bob Brown Foundation are occupying kunanyi’s organ pipes for 24 hours before Sunday’s March for Forests.

“We are camped high up on the vertical cliffs of kunanyi on the organ pipes with 5 other climbers to send a message loud and clear that forests need protecting, not logging. Our government still allows the destruction of these forests every single day. Both major parties intend to increase this destruction if elected. It is so important that in this upcoming election the people of lutruwita / Tasmania vote to protect these places as a matter of urgency for all life,“ said Maraika Smit from her perch on the rock face today.

“The beautiful forests of our state here in Tasmania extend far beyond the sheer cliffs of kunanyi. Far to the south, west, east and North of this iconic mountain, beyond the eyes of the public, behind kilometres of locked gates, tall old world heritage value forests are being felled right now. Logging is rife and the clearfell and burning of these precious and fragile ecosystems needs to be voted out this election,” said Erik Hayward, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner.

“At a time when forests play a vital role in carbon capture and storage, as natural buffers to catastrophic bushfires and as refuges to our fragile endangered species, we need to vote in a way that reflects this urgency,” said Erik Hayward, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner.

“People are coming from all over Tasmania to march for forests with us on Sunday, and it is inspiring that these courageous climbers will head down off to join us too. We are mobilising thousands of people across the nation for native forests and calling for an end to native forest logging. Our March for Forests on Sunday this weekend in nipaluna / Hobart is the first of our nationwide Marches for Forests that will roll out next Sunday in eight locations in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and the nation’s capital,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager.

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