Communities from the North to the South of Tasmania say no to Salmon Farms

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Today, community groups from the northwest of Tasmania and the Tasman Peninsula demonstrated outside parliament and delivered petitions with over 3000 signatures demanding the government take action on salmon farms.

“Communities from all over Tasmania have had enough of salmon farms destroying our marine environment. From killing protected seals to smothering sea grass beds, salmon farms are poisoning our oceans, rivers and bays. Thanks to petitions sponsored by Kristie Johnson MP, 3000 voices across Tasmania are demanding that the government do something about this destructive salmon industry,” said Alistair Allan, Bob Brown Foundation Fish Farm campaigner.

“Today, we delivered these petitions to parliament, with community members coming from all over the state. Salmon farms have had free reign to destroy and pollute our public waterways for far too long. These companies are now all owned by international corporations. The government needs to listen to the concerns of these 3000 Tasmanians, not the big money of corporations,” said Alistair Allan.

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