Community and environmental groups boycott sham Tasmanian salmon expansion plan

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The salmon industry expansion plan, as put forward by the Tasmanian government, is an empty document that ignores the plethora of submissions and concerns that community and environmental groups hold.

“The immense environmental damage and destruction caused by industrial salmon farms in Tasmania, is being wilfully permitted to continue by Premier Rockliff,” said Alistair Allan, Fish Farm campaigner at the Bob Brown Foundation.

In a combined show of displeasure, multiple environmental groups and concerned communities will no longer take part in what has become an endless tactic by the government to bog down citizens, community groups, and non-government organisations in an endless box ticking exercise, in which concerns and suggestions fall on deaf ears.

“We all attended the government’s presentation of their industry growth plan, previously titled a 10-year salmon plan, and no matter what question or concern was raised, we were told if we would like to see it implemented then please make a submission to the plan. However, every question raised was commented on in submissions time and time again PRIOR to the release of the 10-year plan,” Alistair Allan said.

“It is like talking to a brick wall, and we have had enough. There is no point of spending countless hours writing detailed submissions when not even one small thing that we raise is addressed,” Alistair Allan said.

“It’s very clear that communities all around Tasmania, have had enough of these industrial salmon companies ruining our beautiful rivers, bays, and oceans. We will no longer be making submissions. Instead, we demand that Premier Rockliff meets with environmental and community groups to hear the concerns of his constituents,” Alistair Allan said.

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