Cooke Aquaculture CEO peddling mistruths, not environmentalists

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Cooke Aquaculture has announced that they intend to expand Tassal’s operations from salmon to include barramundi and kingfish, despite their terrible environmental record.

This comes after the US state of Washington kicked Cooke Aquaculture out of Puget Sound, due to their impacts on the marine ecosystem.

“In an eerily similar move, Cooke Aquaculture tried to avoid getting kicked out of Washington by stopping farming Atlantic salmon and switching to a different species. Washington saw right through this, and recognized that industrial, intensive farming of any species in protected and calm waters is an environmental disaster,” said Alistair Allan, Bob Brown Foundation Fish Farm campaigner.

“The company’s CEO, Mr Cooke, has stated that our concerns are ‘mistruths’ or ‘bald-faced lies.’ I would like to invite Mr Cooke to meet with us and explain exactly where the mistruths are. It would seem that Cooke Aquaculture, with their sordid environmental history, are the ones not being honest about the impact they have, and intend to increase, on our beautiful rivers, bays and ocean.”

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