Day 38 of Takayna defence protests begins with road blockage.

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As the defense of the Arthur River forests in Takayna / Tarkine enter the thirty-eighth day, defenders have again prevented the entry of loggers, securing the homes of threatened species for another day. Logging operations have been obseerrved pushing into the night as loggers attempt to complete the logging of eagle habitat before the breeding season logging prohibitions come into effect on July 1.

“After six weeks of daily actions, we are more determined than ever to save what is left of these precious forests. Every day matters, every owl, eagle, or quoll matters, every tree matters,” said Bob Brown Foundation Takayna Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“As loggers race to destroy as much as they can before the July cut-off, we are re-doubling our efforts to ensure that not one metre of forest falls un-fought for. The endangered and threatened species that rely on this forest deserve no less.”

“Twenty-three people have been arrested over the past 38 days, with dozens more issued police move on notices or Forestry Tasmania prohibition notices. The State government has thrown huge taxpayer funded resources at smashing these forests despite the biggest show of community nonviolent resistance to logging in more than decade,” said Scott Jordan.

This morning, forest defender Kirsta Hawkins has attached herself to the roadway to ensure no harm comes to these forests this morning.

“I’m here for so many reasons. The state of the world regularly makes me feel like my soul is crawling out of my skin and the only solution for me is to do whatever I can to help make things better, to slow down the badness. Sacrificing a bit of personal comfort to defend the forest seems like an easy payoff,” said Kirsta Hawkins.

“I have a 10 year old daughter and I want her and her friends to be able to experience the same pristine wildness that we enjoy today. I want her to know that her mother did everything she could to stand up against injustice in the world. These trees are so ancient, no one has a right to cut them down,” said Krista Hawkins.

Twenty-three people have been arrested over the past 38 days, with dozens more issued move on notices or prohibition notices.

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