Day of eco-horror in WA

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Brown labels woodland destruction as ‘senseless, needless vandalism’.

Former Greens leader Bob Brown has labelled today’s bulldozer invasion of the Gelorup woodland corridor near Bunbury, WA, as “senseless, needless official vandalism”.
Brown, who visited the woodlands with local residents on the weekend, said that the new federal Minister for the Environment, Tanya Plibersek, has licensed the bulldozers which are smashing down the wildlife-rich woodland.

“It is outrageous that she can be aiding and abetting this destruction of habitat rich in federally-listed birds, animals and fish and yet so recently expressed shock at Australia’s State of the Environment Report, saying “our environment is not getting the protection it needs.” She turned down all requests to go and see the woodland: she so obviously had a responsibility to see and understand the woods before she condemned them to death.”

The Albanese government has environmental blood on its hands here. There are options for the road builders but not for the critically endangered species. The only retrievable good out of this is the courage and selflessness of the Friends of the Gelorup Corridor and other locals whose dedication and commonsense have been so heartlessly ignored. I applaud those who are now taking such risk and discomfort in defending the woodland against the invading machinery: there will be millions of Australians who will have their hearts with these people doing the job the ministers failed to do.”

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