Draconian anti-protest laws clear Tasmania’s Legislative Council

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With the passage of the Police Offences Amendment (Workplace Protection) Bill 2022 through the Legislative Council, the government’s draconian attack on public protest will return to the House of Assembly, perhaps as soon as today.

“Amendments made to the bill in the Legislative Council temper some aspects of the bill, but they do not address the fundamentally anti-democratic nature of this attempt to silence protest, particularly its intent to financially ruin and gaol citizens engaged in environmental protest,” said Bob Brown Foundation takayna Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“This bill was always aimed directly at our foundation and our successful, popular campaigns. It is the government of big business pandering to logging, mining and fish-farming corporations, many of which drain their profits out of Tasmania, to stifle our spotlight on their destruction of Tasmania’s beautiful environment and wildlife. It won’t work. It will have no effect on our intention to campaign for Tasmania’s beauty, naturalness and wildlife,” said Bob Brown.

“There are many more than me, and many younger than me, who will not be deterred from peacefully protecting Tasmania’s seas, forests and wildlife. The government, bowing to corporate thuggery, is criminalising effective peaceful protest while legalising seal shooting, owl destruction and parrot extinction. It is up to all citizens to determine for themselves what to do in this age of such deliberated destruction of nature.”

Bob Brown Foundation thanks MLCs Webb, Valentine, Gaffney, Armitage and Lovell for voting against the bill and in defence of the right to protest. BBF will continue its campaigns to defend Tasmania’s wild places.

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