Dutton condemns Maugean Skate to extinction

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Federal opposition leader Peter Dutton’s visit to Macquarie Harbour risks the strong Tasmanian brand as he ignored the impending extinction of a species caused by the salmon industry.

“Salmon Farming and the Maugean Skate simply cannot coexist. If they could, the Maugean Skate wouldn’t be on the edge of extinction,” said Alistair Allan, Antarctic and Marine Campaigner at the Bob Brown Foundation.

“Prime Minister Albanese consistently says that Peter Dutton is bad for the country, and he certainly will be bad for the endangered Maugean Skate. Now is the time for the Prime Minister to show that his government will protect the Maugean Skate and Macquarie Harbour,” said Alistair Allan.

“With the PM’s visit to Tassal earlier this month, it would seem that, despite what Prime Minister Albanese might say, Labor and Liberal are singing from the same song sheet. When it comes to Macquarie Harbour and the Maugean Skate, Labor must show that they aren’t the same as the Liberals,” Alistair Allan said.

“Dutton’s visit to Macquarie Harbour is a challenge for Labor to be leaders and act now to save the Maugean skate. Keep their promise of no new extinctions, or be on Dutton’s side. Tasmania can no longer suffer the politically divisive arguments that it’s the environment or jobs, we can have both,” Alistair Allan said.

Despite overwhelming scientific advice that fish farms need to be removed from Macquarie Harbour before this summer, this has not occurred.

“The Labor government made a promise of no new extinctions on their watch. They must keep their promise or Tasmania’s brand will be scarred with the looming extinction of a species that is endemic to the Macquarie Harbour and suffering due to the polluting salmon industry,” Alistair Allan said.

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