Eighth protester arrested while Forest Practices Authority fail to halt logging in endangered species habitat.

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On World Environment Day, Tasmania is shamefully logging native forests that are critical habitat for endangered species, leaving the community to hold back the destruction in Takayna.

At the Takayna frontline, retired builder Archie Donley has been arrested after locking on to a barrel to protect the forests beyond the locked gates surrounded by security employed by the logging industry.

“I am worried about climate change and logging in native forests. Even though I am 71-years-old, I have come to Takayna to try to save the forests and see logging is stopped. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention,” said Archie Doyle.

“People my age have to step up and do something. We can’t just leave it all to the young people.”

Meanwhile, Bob Brown Foundation (BBF) has criticised Forest Practices Authority for failing to properly assess this critical habitat for endangered species before the logging started. Following the submission of a fourth set of evidence of threatened Tasmanian Masked Owls on the site of controversial logging on the Arthur River in Takayna, Forest Practices Authority informed BBF that their ecologists will be conducting field surveys of the coupe. Meanwhile, Premier Rockliff continues to deliberately sanction logging in the endangered species habitat.

“Logging of the endangered species habitat in Takayna must cease. We are frustrated that two weeks of forests being flattened and the toothless Forest Practices Authority are not halting the logging,” said Bob Brown Foundation Takayna Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“The first evidence of Masked Owl presence was made available to Forest Practices Authority weeks ago. Yet it has again fallen to the community and Bob Brown Foundation to gather evidence of threatened species, and to daily prevent the destruction of these precious forests,” Scott Jordan said.

“Forest Practices Authority must act with urgency to halt logging. It is a farce to survey known endangered species habitat while the chainsaws rage,” Scott Jordan said.

Today’s action marks the fourteenth day of non-violent direct action in defense of the Arthur River forests in Takayna.

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