Endangered devil habitat defended from logging by protesters 

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A forest defender protest is underway today in the remote forest region of the Tasmanian southern Central Highlands.
Ten forest defenders are in the forests to call for all logging machinery to be removed and native forest logging in Tasmania to cease.
“This protest come just days after shocking photos of an endangered Tasmanian Devil burned to death by Forestry Tasmania’s logging and firebombing practices. When the governments fail to halt the killing of wildlife and destruction of carbon storehouses – native forests – then it’s up to the citizens to peacefully intervene. This 48 hectare logging area WW040A contains old forest habitat for native wildlife that include the Tasmanian Devil,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager Jenny Weber said.
“This incredible old forest we are in today is on the edge of a World Heritage protected landscape. The nearby logged landscape is still smouldering after a logging firebombing that incinerated a juvenile Tasmanian Devil to death just last week,” said Dr Colette Harmsen, wildlife and forest defender.
“I am locked onto this forest destroying machine because the planet is worth it and it needs our help. Around the world, leading scientists are committing acts of civil disobedience to show the public how seriously they regard the threat posed by the climate crisis. The longer our governments fail to appropriately deal with this environmental crisis then the more criminally negligent they become,” said Dr Colette Harmsen.

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