BioBlitz 2023

Connecting citizen science and activism to protect takayna

Immerse yourself in ancient temperate rainforests, buttongrass plains and wild rivers while joining a passionate community for a weekend of biological surveying.

Learn about these diverse ecosystems from experts while helping create a database of information crucial to protecting takayna from critical threats.

Included is:

Event Details

Where is takayna BioBlitz?

takayna BioBlitz headquarters will be at the Elma Fagan Community Centre (Waratah Men’s Shed) in Waratah Tasmania.

At the headquarters, we will be hosting breakfast and dinners while lunch packs will be sent out with you into the field and there will be evening talks.

A data analysis area will be set up for you to engage with the survey leaders and other participants.

When is takayna BioBlitz 2023?

takayna BioBlitz will be held from the evening of Thursday 23 November, with surveys running from Friday morning to Sunday 26 November at 1pm. Arrival at base camp in Waratah, on Thursday 23 November is advised if you would like to join the Friday morning surveys.

Arrival at base camp in Waratah, on Thursday 23 November is advised if you would like to join the Friday morning surveys.

Where can I stay?

What should I bring?


Frequently asked questions

Is there carpooling available?

Particpants are able to self-organise carpooling for takayna BioBlitz in the Tarkine Rideshare Group on Facebook here. Tarkine Rideshare Group on Facebook here

Yes, takayna BioBlitz is family-friendly and welcomes children to participate. It’s a fantastic opportunity for kids to engage with nature, learn about biodiversity, and develop an appreciation for the environment. However, parental supervision and guidance are essential, especially during outdoor activities and exploration.

We provide vegan, GF and peanut free food. However, due to the challenges of catering for a large number of people, we can not accommodate dietary restrictions beyond these. If you have specific food allergies or intolerances outside the provided options, it’s recommended to bring your own food to ensure your dietary needs are met. There are some limited facilities to help you prepare your own meals. If you have any further questions please get in touch: bioblitz@bobbrown.org.au

Participants can select which sites they would like to visit at the event. Site selection opens at 5pm Thursday at base camp in Waratah.
If weather forces the event to be cancelled, refunds will be offered and we will do our best to reschedule.
While pets are wonderful companions, they are not allowed at the takayna BioBlitz. Please do not bring any pets along with you.
No, anyone with an interest in nature and biodiversity is welcome to participate in takayna BioBlitz. While having scientific knowledge can be helpful, it is not a requirement. The event is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, and there are experts and guides available to assist participants in species identification.

We strive to make takayna BioBlitz as inclusive as possible. Some activities may be more accessible than others, and there may be options for participants with mobility challenges to join certain guided walks or activities suitable for their needs. If you have specific accessibility requirements please get in touch: bioblitz@bobbrown.org.au

Kids for takayna

This year’s BioBlitz will be expanded to include activities tailored for kids and their families.

There will be scientists and educators experienced in working in child and teen friendly ways. Destinations specific to child-focused scientific exploration and other nature-related activities will be on offer.

Experiences for kids at this year’s Bioblitz are likely to include:

Sold Out & Waitlist Info

Exciting news: Takayna BioBlitz tickets are now sold out! If you missed out, register your email with us. In case of cancellations, we might release more tickets, and you’ll be the first to know.

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