Fast footed environmentalists get PM’s attention

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While Prime Minister Albanese visited Tasmania today, he was greeted by Tarkine campaigners who wanted him to get the clear message that Chinese Government mining company, MMG, has no right to put its toxic waste dump in the forests of takayna / Tarkine.

“While PM was here for a health announcement he needs to make sure we also have a healthy environment. Prime Minister Albanese is on track to become the seventh consecutive Prime Minister to allow takayna / Tarkine to be plundered since the Australian Heritage Council recommended it’s protection as National Heritage,” said takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“The last Prime Minister to create reserves in takayna / Tarkine was John Howard. Prime Minister Albanese should reflect on what legacy he leaves in takayna.”

Prime Ministers Rudd, Gillard, Rudd, Abbot, Turnbull, and Morrison all failed to enact the Australian Heritage Council’s recommendation for a National Heritage Listing of takayna.

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