Fish farm industry profits protected at all costs, even when destroying Tasmania’s waters.

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Fisheries Tasmania has reminded the public that there is a bag limit on Huon Aquaculture’s escaped salmon, despite these fish being an introduced and invasive species.

Bob Brown Foundation is calling on Fisheries Tasmania to justify the ecological reason for a bag limit on what is a feral species.

“The Tasmanian government doesn’t lift a finger to police the salmon industry. Their supposed watchdog, the Environmental Protection Agency, is muzzled and chained up, leaving the industry free rein to expand, pollute and destroy our marine environments. They can even let 40,000 salmon run rampant in our marine ecosystem without consequence,” said Alistair Allan, Fish Farm campaigner at Bob Brown Foundation.

“So why the strict policing of the public catching these invasive species? With a special mention that they can’t be sold, traded, bartered or raffled, it seems that government is ensuring that, even after all the damage that Huon Aquaculture does to Tasmania, nothing will be allowed to hurt their bottom line.”

“These salmon are raised in factory farms and pumped full of chemicals and antibiotics. I’d advise that no one should be eating them, even if you catch it yourself.”

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