Fish farms must be removed entirely from Macquarie Harbour to save Maugean Skate.

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Bob Brown Foundation welcomes the federal Environment Minister urging extreme intervention to save the Maugean Skate in Macquarie Harbour.

While we welcome this, this cannot mean anything other than the complete removal of fish farms from Macquarie Harbour.

It was acknowledged by Dr Fiona Fraser, the Threatened Species Commissioner, that aquaculture unequivocally affects the Maugean Skate.

“Extreme intervention is what is needed to save the Maugean Skate, which is so close to extinction. The federal government and the federal Environment Minister made a promise of no new extinctions. Extreme intervention can mean nothing less than the total removal of fish farms from Macquarie Harbour,” said Alistair Allan, Bob Brown Foundation Fish Farm Campaigner.

“It is now painfully self-evident that removing fish farms will bolster the Maugean Skate’s chances. It is the obvious first step.”

“Premier Rockliff and the Tasmanian Government must now act on this and remove fish farms from Macquarie Harbour. If they don’t, the Federal Government must use the Commonwealth Corporations Power and ensure that fish farms are removed and that the health of Macquarie Harbour is returned to its natural state.”

Photo: Jane Ruckert

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