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Forest defender Bob Brown is expected to give evidence in the Hobart Magistrates Court tomorrow when the hearing into his arrest, along with those of Kristy Algar and Karen Weldrick resumes at 10.00 am tomorrow.

Forestry Tasmania personnel who were overseeing the logging were questioned in the courts today and it was established that the only Swift Parrot habitat or nesting tree left standing in the logged area near Snow Hill (inland from Freycinet) last November was cut down after the three were arrested. “I think this was an act of official vandalism and spite, meant to distress those of us trying to protect the Swift Parrots there,” Bob Brown said outside the court.

“Once they knew, and we had even informed Premier Rockliff about the Swift Parrots being present, the logging should have stopped immediately, under their own rules. As this case has unfolded, Forestry Tasmania is cutting down Swift Parrot habitat in the Southern Forests. This is inexcusable, spiteful and, on the face of it unlawful,” Brown said outside the court.

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