Forest defenders return to Styx Valley

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Today, two activists have locked themselves onto the gate blocking access to forests in the Styx Valley, to defend globally significant forests from destruction. The community is back to protect the Styx Valley of the Giants today from logging.

“Our planet’s tallest flowering plants are being logged in the Styx Valley of the Giants and must be saved from destruction. Yet again, it’s the citizens who are relentlessly defending these forests while Liberal and Labor governments are overseeing these climate and biodiversity crimes. There are still ancient wildlife filled forests, critical carbon storehouses, that can be saved if the logging was halted,” Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager.

“I’m here defending these forests because we are far in the midst of an ecological crisis. Unchecked ecocide is placing humans, non-human animals, and countless plant species on a trajectory towards extinction. My commitment to animal rights includes environmental rights, the defence of the lives, autonomy, and rights of those who depend upon this Earth for survival,” said Kristy Alger, author, and organiser for Animal Liberation Tasmania

“I am a mother and a grandmother. I am here in memory of my beautiful son David who suffered immensely from eco-grief and is no longer with us. It is a crime against humanity and the planet to be destroying these beautiful trees and so I’m taking a stand on the frontline and saying enough,” said Sue Abbott, forest defender locked on at today’s protest.

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