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Bob Brown has joined twenty citizens inspecting the destruction of the Florentine Valley’s giant trees and ancient ferns in central Tasmania.

The loggers have retreated and are not on site. The logging machinery is inactive for the day.

In Hobart earlier this morning Bob Brown said that the Florentine logging, highlighted by the giant single-rider log trucked out two weeks ago, is ‘sickening’.

“This needless massacre of nature, licensed so far by PM Albanese and Premier Rockliff, is a national disgrace. I have written to the PM again, pointing out how ending native forest logging would enable him to meet his own target for greenhouse gas reduction and to prevent more species from being pushed towards extinction. Otherwise, he will fail on both counts.”

This is Brown’s third recent visit to the logging area beneath Mt Field West. The community has taken back the forest for the day and represents the 80% of Australians who want native forest logging stopped.

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