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“If Albanese keeps felling the forests the voters of Australia will clearfall him,’ Bob Brown said today in Brisbane.

Bob Brown Foundation hosted a Rally and March calling for an end to native forest logging today outside the ALP National Conference in Brisbane.

“Today’s pro-forests rally outside the Labor conference in Brisbane is the start of a huge national campaign to end native forest logging. Polls show voters of all parties favour ending logging. With Labor, 8 out of 10 Labor voters want it to end. But Albo is with the small minority who back the chainsaws. Along with climate inaction, more coal mines and gas fracking, the tragedy of killing forests and wildlife will tell on Labor. We are now mobilising for a March in March for Australia’s Forests, nationwide. I will ask Albo to come and speak to one of the crowds, just as he agreed to speak to the loggers’ dinner at Parliament House earlier this year,” Bob Brown said.

“This week, when Prime Minister Albanese’s ALP failed to ban native forest logging, they sentenced Koalas, Greater gliders, Swift parrots and countless rare and endangered species to death as their forest homes continue to be destroyed. The government’s push for “environment and carbon markets” is not a climate or conservation solution. Australia must protect native forests for climate and nature, but not as a lifeline for keeping on burning fossil fuels. We must not trade forests for their carbon, they are not for sale to carbon polluters. We are on the move to urge Prime Minister Albanese and his government to end the logging and protect native forests,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

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