Forest protest calls for protection of Tasmania’s Wentworth Hills forests

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A forest protest is underway this morning at Wentworth Hills in the central highlands region of Tasmania calling for protection of native forests in this special region, close to Lake St Clair.

“Our Foundation has been calling for protection of the Wentworth Hills forests for the past decade due to its vast tracts of ancient alpine eucalypt forest and patches of temperate rainforest, it is home to nine threatened fauna species including the endangered Tasmanian devil, white goshawk, wedge-tailed eagle and for the rare and vulnerable Spotted-tail quoll. However, logging in this region is the most rampant in Tasmania, log trucks roll out all through the night and large scale destruction is removing an entire region of precious native forests,” said Jenny Weber

Wentworth Hills is a dolerite plateau of critical native forests where numerous nesting sites for the Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle have been recorded.

“I’m here in a treesit today because native forests are vital habitat for many species of wildlife including endangered species. We are also in a climate emergency and destruction of native forests is a disaster for the immediate action we must take. Taking this action is necessary for me as the strongest call for an end to the completely unnecessary logging of native forests,” said Tammy Omodei, 34, student and pharmacy assistant.

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