Forest protest returns to Styx Valley of the Giants as Tasmania’s ALP and Liberals locked in step to destroy more forests

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This morning a renewed protest is underway at the Styx Valley of the Giants where logging has razed centuries-old trees despite pleas from the community for the urgent protection of these world heritage value forests.

Brent Rogers, 46, a shearer from Tasmania’s northwest, is attached to logging machinery deep inside the forest area named TN062G by Forestry Tasmania. “Past generations of Tasmanians have been robbed of an invaluable natural resource and the next generation are watching as the last stands of majestic eucalypts are being slaughtered,” Said Mr Rogers.

“These Styx forests are centuries old tall eucalyptus forests with hollow bearing trees, upon which many species of animals and birds depend. Logged for export woodchips, the logging of these world heritage value forests is wasteful vandalism and it is wrong. Today, the logger’s machines must be evicted, not the citizens who are defending the remaining forests that can still be saved. Rainforests gullies with ancient sassafras, forests that are full of wildlife and buffers from bushfires, the remaining forests in this Styx logging coupe and all remaining native forests must be protected to avoid dangerous climate change and wildlife extinctions,” said Erik Hayward, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigner.

“The native forest logging industry has been plundering forests, wildlife and the climate for decades and it must end now,” Erik Hayward said.

“The ongoing logging of native forests is dangerous for our island’s and this planet’s future. It is unpopular in the community and has far exceeded its ecological and financial limits. In the face of the global heating and extinction crises, the Tasmanian ALP and the Tasmanian Liberals have recklessly committed to extending tax-payer funded logging that is outrageously destructive and expensive. There is no solution to climate or global extinction crises without protecting all the forests we have right now,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager.

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