Forest protesters return to Styx Valley

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Following the arrests of Bob Brown, Dr Colette Harmsen and Ali Alishah on Monday, forest defenders are taking action in a highly-contested and stunningly beautiful forest in the Styx Valley again today.

Deep inside the forest, 5km behind a locked gate, a group of Bob Brown Foundation (BBF) protesters have entered the logging coupe and halted logging operations.

Tameka Baylis said from high in a tree sit, “I’m taking direct action because I don’t want my generation to be the last to experience the joy of being in an ancient forest. I don’t want the children of our generation to miss out on seeing giant trees and a rich diverse ecosystem. Our children should never hear the words ‘you should have seen the forests’.”

“While fellow forest defender Ali Alishah is in jail today, we are defending these forests from destruction. The fact that peaceful protesters are being gaoled and face severe penalties for standing up against this destruction will not deter us. It is the native forest logging that is criminal in a climate emergency and extinction crisis,” said Dr Lisa Searle, Campaign Organiser with BBF.

“This logging of ancient forests in southern Tasmania is absolutely disgraceful. The government should be ashamed for sanctioning this devastation. We will continue to take action and defend these precious forests until we see a commitment from our leaders to end native forest logging. There is an opportunity right now for Tasmanian voters to make a choice: vote for protecting forests and wildlife or more logging destruction,” she said.

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