Forest Watch website launched – a new tool to track the logging and burning of native forests

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For the first time in Australia, the logging and burning of native forests will be exposed on a new website, Forest Watch. Bob Brown Foundation’s new campaign to track the destruction of Tasmania’s native forests is an online monitor of the state’s controversial logging and burning practices.

“We are giving the public and customers of Tasmania’s timber a tool to track the logging and burning of native forests, like they have never had before. We will also expand Forest Watch to include the logging of koala and Greater Glider habitat in NSW,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager.

“Bob Brown Foundation has launched Forest Watch with a focus on the archaic burning practices of Forestry Tasmania. Our message to the public is that your government deliberately lights these fires after destroying native forests, and they must be banned,” Jenny Weber said.
“Forest Watch will expose the destruction of native forests that urgently need protection. People can use the website as a tool to monitor logging and burning and get alerts in real-time straight to their mobile phones,” Jenny Weber said.

“Using satellite surveillance, government and citizen science data, we are holding Forestry Tasmania to account by showing what goes on behind locked gates in Tasmania,” Jenny Weber said.

“If the logging and burning of the native forests currently profiled on our website had not happened, 95,405 tonnes of carbon would have been absorbed by these forests each year if they had been left standing. Instead, Tasmania’s government has damaged the climate with harmful emissions after logging and burning these forests,” Jenny Weber said.

“Governments and their logging agencies must be accountable for the logging of native forests that are vital habitat for wildlife and a liveable climate. Logging is driving threatened species like the Swift Parrot, Masked Owls, koalas and Greater Gliders to the brink of extinction. Logging and burning native forests releases huge quantities of dangerous, climate-destroying pollution into the atmosphere in post-logging infernos,” Jenny Weber said.

Forest Watch is compiled using publicly available information, plus information from our campaigners, scientists and citizen scientists.

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